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Social Media Use Survey: Participants Wanted

I’m currently recruiting participants for my study investigating social media use and potential negative consequences. Please can you take part in a short 10-minute survey. The link to the online survey is below;





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Facebook Intensity Study published today

Our Facebook intensity study has been published in the Journal of Addictive Behaviors, Therapy and Rehabilitation;



Facebook use has become a popular social activity. More intensive use of Facebook may increase the risk of health problems. Research suggests that high levels of stress and low levels of self-esteem are linked to Facebook intensity usage, however, these findings have been inconsistent, as studies also suggest the opposite or no links at all. This exploratory study examined whether narcissism, stress and self-esteem could predict Facebook intensity, and whether a short session on Facebook could produce immediate psychological effects. A sample of 163 Facebook users completed an online survey, engaged in a short Facebook session and then completed another online survey. Regression analysis revealed that narcissism, stress and self-esteem were found to significantly predict Facebook intensity with stress being a significant predictor within the model. Facebook use significantly increased self-esteem scores amongst the participants. The findings are discussed in relation to previous research and theory

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Social Media/Social Networking references

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