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About Dr Zaheer Hussain

Dr ZAHEER HUSSAIN, BSc, MSc, PhD, FHEA. Dr Zaheer Hussain is a Psychologist and Lecturer at the University of Derby, UK.

He is internationally known for his work in the area of Technological Addictions, Internet Behaviour, Social interaction and the impact of technology.

He has published many research papers and presented at well-known conferences. He has also apeared on radio programmes and does consultancy work for government and non-government organisations. He is a member of the International Gaming Research Unit (IGRU), CyberPsychology Research Group, and The Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Currently he is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby. His main teaching commitments are on a number of modules including Social Psychology, Cognitive and Developmental Psychology, Research Methods and Analysis, Individual Differences and the Psychology of Addiction. He also supervises undergraduate and post-graduate research projects.

His research interests focus on the areas of Cyber-Psychology and Social Psychology. However, his research interests are generally broad covering the area of the psychology of the Internet, online virtual environments, social networking, e-commerce, addiction, mental health, and attitude change. He has skills in the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data and is willing to supervise/collaborate on new research and consultancy projects.

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