Survey reveals health and lifestyle trends of gamblers

A survey of 2,000 gamblers has found that British casino game players as a group are no less healthy than the rest of the population, with an average Body Mass index (BMI) of 27; the same as the UK national average. However, the survey found that average BMIs, health and lifestyle choices such as smoking, exercise and drinking varied dramatically depending on the games they play. The survey by found that slots players are the least healthy.

The findings were as follows;

  • Slots players are most likely to be obese
  • Poker players have one of the lowest BMIs of all gamblers and exercise the most, while nearly three quarters of slots players and video poker players fail to meet recommended guidelines for physical activity
  • Female slots and male poker players all exceed the recommended weekly limit of alcohol units
  • 24 per cent of slots players are regular smokers, above the national average of 20 per cent
  • Out of mobile, desktop and tablet players, desktop gamblers lead the least healthy lifestyles
  • Increasing use of tablets and mobile devices could help get gamers more active

With the increase of mobile technology, there is an opportunity here for research to focus on the benefits of mobile devices and gaming.

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Media coverage

Here are links to the international media coverage regarding my recent research on social responsibility;

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Social Responsibility in Online Gaming

My latest paper on Social Responsibility has been published (See link below) 


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